Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ring Ding Dong with Lee Teuk

With a Sephiroth-inspired music video and a hot cameo this week, it's no surprise that SHINee is ringing its way up the charts and dominating music shows. Although hot contenders BEAST and MBLAQ have been gaining substantial followings, they couldn't beat out their senior male group on Inkigayo. Congrats to SHINee for their second Mutizen with Ring Ding Dong!

After Jonghyun reportedly fully recovered from swine flu, many people were looking forward to the return to normal stages with the original five members, and were fully dismayed upon the discovery that Onew had fallen victim to the swine flu trend as well. Instead of performing as an Onew-less quartet, the remaining boys swapped their leader for Super Junior's main man Leeteuk. Check out the performance below:

The SuJu leader made his appearance during the latter half of the performance, showing some SM family love for his junior idols. It's definitely interesting to see this "special stage" of sorts, but we hope that Onew makes a recovery soon! Make sure to check out SHINee's elastically fan-tastic international forum.

Many thanks to CodeMonmonSeason4 for videos.

source : allkpop

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