Thursday, June 11, 2009

SHINee - juliette dance version

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What does SHINee do in their bedrooms?

For all you fans fantasizing about where SHINee eats, chills, showers, and sleeps at night, today's your lucky day because SHINee has released pictures of the inside of their home. It's surprisingly clean for a house consisting of 5 teenager boys, but the term "boys" is said quite loosely since I haven't seen the manly side of SHINee yet. Then again, most of these boys are too young and haven't even reached puberty, so their manhood will have to wait.

Anyways, these boys seem very organized, and their love for their fans are visible by their collection of presents from the fans. Besides the gifts from fans, everything else in the house is quite typical of teenager boys, from games to comic books. Inside their abnormally pretty faces and skinny bodies, there must be typical kids wanting to rebel and do what boys do best.

their shoes~ >.<

Idols loves bananas milk

5 boys in one room. Every girl's dream.

It's okay. It's quite normal for boys to camwhore in Korea.

Fanart and their comic books

Onew and Minho playing games

Jonghyun and Key in the front of the computer. What are they doing?


Fan love

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Monday, June 8, 2009

SHINee on inkigayo 7th June

Appearing on SBS Inkigayo to cap off the first week of a comeback filled with tears of joy, SHINee performed a minute from "Talk to You" off of their mini-album Romeo as well as their single, "Juliette". The teenagers also did a short interview.

Nice rap-battle interaction, Key & Minho. Many non-worship-blindingly SHINee fans can't help but wonder what might have been if a song like this was chosen as the first single. While it might not instantly sway your hips like "Noona is so Pretty (Replay)" did, "Talk to You" sounds like a natural evolution from the fresh R&B-ish sound SHINee displayed in their first album. Their clothes also look like something human teenagers could wear, which left many viewers totally unprepared for the "Juliette" outfits' visual assault (scroll down and you'll see). Unfortunately to many, SM chose a remake from a High School Musical alum and Key's outfit. Boooooradley. Considering the lack of originality rampant in K-Pop these days, I wouldn't even care if SM chose a remake for SHINee's single if they had just chosen a quality track, as opposed to a song that screams "I'm too catchy, you must like me eventually." While native Koreans, who don't know Corbin Bleu from corned beef stew, eat "Juliette" right up (just as they did with fellow SM catchilicious tracks "Gee" and "Sorry Sorry"), international fans are left wanting more.

In particular, American fans 5000+ miles away (the majority of our readership) just don't really matter much to Korean companies, since most of the albums are sold in Asia (admit it fellow downloaders), most of the concerts are in Asia, and most of the merchandise is sold in Asia. SM can buy all of the American songs they want, have someone Korean lyrics for them (kudos to Jonghyun), rake in the money, and not have a care in the world. Considering how much easier it is to just get a pre-made catchy song than it is to make it yourself, many Korean companies probably don't care if their groups had zero American fans (though that would never happen, so why stop if you get the money?). End rant.

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