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SHINee Homage to Michael Jackson

Over the course of their short careers, SHINee has often discussed and displayed their admiration for the late Michael Jackson. Whether as Taemin's dance inspiration, Jonghyun's singing inspiration, or as Onew's entire inspiration, it's clear that the King of Pop has played a vital role in these teenagers' careers. So, as a small ode to Michael, the boys performed a short dance cover of his song "Heartbreaker" for their intro on MBC Music Core

After looking rather fly in their formal garb and showcasing some signature MJ moves, the boys take the "Juliette" stage in... tie-dye explosion. I guess Michael Jackson did reign during the tie-dye filled 80s, so it kind of works out. Unfortunately, it seems that Music Core's producers tried to give viewers seizures with blinding lights and dizzying camera angles, ruining the rather cool-looking set. Their cameras' capture of the SHINee rotating pentagon during the song's bridge was rather novel though, so it wasn't all sickening.

Speaking of sickening, it seems Onew has recovered from yesterday's ordeal, though SHINee's leader still looks a bit tired. The exhausting pop-star schedule and recent ankle/tooth injuries were probably larger factors of his fainting than the falling of the structure itself, with the chaos from the debacle simply acting as a trigger for his sensory overload. Fellow pop stars 2PM revealed in a recent interview that the typical amount of sleep during promotions are around 3-4 hours. Considering all of the singing, dancing, and running around from recording to recording that K-pop stars do, it's no surprise that stars like Onew, SS501's Hyun Joong, and Lee Hyori are being hospitalized. But, Korea's work-'til-you-drop culture doesn't appear to be going away any time soon, so fans can only sit and hope that their stars are being kept in good health.

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KBS Music Bank Accident Much More Severe Than First Reported

Initial news reports over the collapse of KBS Music Bank's lighting structure and SHINee leader Onew's subsequent fainting understated the chaos and severity of the whole debacle. Netizens are suspecting that KBS is trying to keep their endangerment of our favorite pop stars on the down low, but in the Internet era, constricting information on a public event is a near-impossibility. Fancams which show the extent of the accident are starting to pop up, with fans of all groups appalled at the music show's lack of care for their dangerously large equipment.

The video depicts that the equipment did in fact fall all the way to ground level, possibly endangering both staff and our favorite stars. We can see that the performers were directly involved in the incident by the photo above (one can spot Super Junior's Yesung and Sungmin, amongst others), and in the videos below.

Notes from the videos:
[0:30 bottom video] We can see Onew limping around in the encore due to his injured ankle from the "Juliette" performance.
[1:00 top] [1:08 bottom] Though we cannot see the light falling directly, we can infer that the light fixture began to fall somewhere around here, from the fans' screams and the flurry of pop stars running from the light.
[1:31 top] [1:28 bottom] We catch a glimpse of staff holding up the perilously unstable light fixture.
[1:31 bottom] Onew is clearly woozy, leaning lifelessly on his manager. Netizens are suspecting that his injured ankle, the screaming fans, the chaos of the falling structure, and the overall overworked schedule of a K-pop star all contributed to his fainting.
[2:20 bottom] SHINee's manager carries the fainted Onew off the stage.

Fortunately, other than Onew (who is stable and resting), nobody was hospitalized. But the potential danger from a falling light structure, coupled with KBS's immediate attempt to cover up the entire incident, is very disconcerting for all K-pop fans. Hopefully this near-disaster serves as a wake-up call to music shows and music companies, who should ensure the safety of their staff and stars.

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SHINee is H.O.T, Onew Hospitalized

First things first: Onew is fine. At Music Bank's finale, with all of the performers gathered on stage for SNSD's victory, the structure holding up the lights became loose (you can see people holding it up in this fan-taken picture), and one of the light fixtures fell right towards the unsuspecting Onew. Luckily, his Super Junior sunbaes Siwon and Kyuhyun prevented the fixture from hitting him, but the shock of the whole ordeal caused SHINee's leader to faint. He was carried backstage, and due to signs of psychological distress, was taken to the hospital.

[Update 12:05 EST] Fancam of Onew being carried backstage

While the video looks frightening, SM Entertainment has released a statement saying that Onew is now stable will be resting for the time being. Onew's famous sangtae (condition), while often churning out amusing moments, is really starting to pose a danger to the young man. This incident, coupled with his earlier tooth-breaking accident, is displaying a slightly disturbing trend for SHINee World. The weirdest part of the Onew Condition is that many of his strange moments are not even his fault - they just sort of happen. Hopefully physics will be kinder to the leader in the future.

Speaking of the future, SHINee performed a cover of H.O.T.'s 1997 hit "We Are The Future" for Music Bank's mid-year celebration:

And for some more Onew Sangtae, check out 0:28 of their otherwise solid "Juliette" performance:

The slip is probably due to the rain at the end of 2NE1's Umbrella stage. Music Bank's stage must have some kind of grudge against the SHINee leader. Key also serves up some SM Family love at 2:17.

And just because SHINee's dance machine Taemin has stated numerous times that his inspiration was the late Michael Jackson, here's a small SHINee ode to the King of Pop:

Boys Generation Does "Gee"

Move over Wonder Boys - you're so last year, it's Boy's Generation's time to shine.

There is nothing better on a Friday night to wake you up than a slightly homosexual performance of "Gee" by nine boys in colored skinnys. With members from 2PM, 2AM, SHINee, and Super Junior the boys had enough talent to pull of a successful performance of "Gee". To top things off as soon as the boys had fun being females for 3 minutes SNSD came out and showed them the real way the song should be sung.

They have definitely out done last years Wonder Boys, which to me can simply be described as a train wreck.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson, You Will Be Missed...

Today it was reported that Michael Jackson (aka THE KING OF POP) suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. Paramedics arrived at Jackson's home just too late and by the time they arrived, Jackson had no pulse. At the hospital they tried to resuscitate Jackson but had no luck.

Okay, I know that some of you idiots are sitting there and thinking, "What does Michael Jackson have to do with K-pop?" Michael Jackson may have never started a career in K-pop but it is certainly safe to say that he has had a major influence on pop today, and especially so in K-pop.

Don't believe me? There are tons of videos out there of K-pop celebs doing renditions of Jackson's dances and songs and here are just five of them:

U-know Yunho

Super Junior-H

Variuos Artists

Rain and Jewelery

2PM's Junsu

SHINee's Taemin

But of course no one does Michael like Michael himself so here are some of Michael Jackson's performances in Seoul.

Two of the other writers wanted to put their two cents in as well:

RIP, Mr. Jackson.
- Rita (aegeantales)

I was literally brought up around Michael Jackson, even though his reign was years before my time. My brother used to imitate him at every single family function: hat, gloves and everything. I own all of his CD's, and in my house, we have a huge, framed photo of him hanging on the wall--the man had hugely impacted us. He inspired so many people in their musical careers with his music and his dancing, and even though he sang in English, somehow he managed to speak to the world. Even Rain, who couldn't understand English at the time (and still can't really now lol), has pinned Michael Jackson as his idol for what got him into music.

Even though he's gone, he surely will never be forgotten. His music has touched people all over this globe and we all will never look at a white glove the same ever again.

Rest In Peace,
Liz (The_Lost_City)

Goodbye Michael Jackson and may you rest in peace always and forever.

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SHINee’s Onew Gets Clotheslined… Literally

Onew, leader of sparkling SM quintet SHINee, is famous among fans for his "Onew Condition" ("Onew Sangtae" in Korean). Whether he's walking off stage in the wrong direction, biting it on Star King, or spouting out random noises on radio shows, Onew seems to have this combination of clumsy and dorky that gives him his trademark condition.

While this condition sometimes leads to unfortunate accidents, it can also lead to hilarity, as seen in SHINee's recent High-Five fan event. At 1:20 in the video, Onew is confidently striding towards the fans, when he gets clotheslined by - you guessed it - a clothesline.

Oh Onew. That's not even the lone example of the Onew Condition in that clip, as observant fans have noticed his multiple failure at properly high-fiving the fan at 0:20. The video also features Minho punking Jonghyun with the classic high-five whiff, only for Jonghyun to turn around and trick maknae Taemin with the same move. Taemin's reaction to his hyung's deception is priceless in its high dose of deadpan.

Another Onew-related video has recently popped up on the web, depicting the leader in his predebut days at SM Academy:

While you can definitely tell that the giggly, chubby-cheeked teen in the video is Onew, the guy has definitely shed that baby fat, as we can see in recent radio show pictures:

Credit as tagged

Could SHINee's dorky leader be transforming into... a hottie? Not without some bicep curls, but who knows? SHINee, known as Korea's dongsaengs, may be starting to grow up.

[Music Bank Extravaganza] 2PM + 2AM + Super Junior + SHINee to join forces on Music Bank? And More!

Girls' Generation / SNSD's highly anticipated return isn't the only thing stirring up interest on the upcoming mid-year June 26th Music Bank extravaganza. Members from the boy groups 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior, and SHINee will come together as Boys Generation and perform "Gee."

So far, the rumored boys will be, From Super Junior: Yesung, Shindong, and Sungmin. From 2PM: Jaebeom, Nichkhun, and Taecyeon. From 2AM: Jo Kwon. No word on which SHINee boys will be included to finish the 9 member lineup.

That's not the only big news for this Music Bank extravaganza, SHINee and Girls' Generation will pay homage to former SM Entertainment groups H.O.T. and S.E.S. by performing one of their old songs, while 2PM will do the same performing a song by former JYP Entertainment group G.o.d. Popular rookie group 2NE1 will also do a cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella."

This mid-year Music Bank looks like its going to be an awesome show, I Can't wait for it! Thanks to Britney Cot for the tip!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SHINee on Pops In Seoul

Part one :

Part two :

Part three :

Part four :

On Hollywood Bowl 2009


SNSD’s Jessica and SHINee’s Onew Get Together One Year Later

On Girls Generation / SNSD’s 2nd mini album, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, there's a track called “One Year Later” which has been said to be a duet between SNSD’s vocalist Jessica and SHINee’s leader, Onew.

Both are known for their powerful vocals but the question is, will the two voices blend together well? I’m sure it will because if it didn’t this duet with the two probably wouldn’t exist.

The full mini album will be out on the 25th so be sure to check out the duet by buying the mini album.

And in other news, the male voice in "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" actually isn't Micky Yoochun of DBSK/TVXQ (very busy in Japan), but its is Yoo Youngjin, whom apparently is an SM Entertainment producer who's voice also featured in SHINee's "SHINee World".

Monday, June 22, 2009

SHINee Babysits To Save Energy

Cute Romeos, SHINee, are saving energy once more! This time, they have become nursery school teachers!

From SBS Inkigayo’s Save Energy Save Earth campaign, SHINee went a nursery and played with the children for a whole day. It was adorable to say the least.

Key was in charge of storytelling and seeing Taemin and Jonghyun more concentrated than the kids were cute! Onew was in charge of snacks, playing the piano and singing for the kids. Taemin and Jonghyun just played around with the kids. On the other hand, Minho took little girls to the girls bathroom to… wash their hands!

Stop thinking that way!

Anyways, check out the adorable clip below! Cr. shineeholic.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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SHINee Reclaims K-Chart on Music Bank

Seeing SHINee coming in 4th last week on the K-Chart on KBS2TV's Music Bank shocked SHINee's noonas all over the world. After making a triumphant return on 5th June and claiming K-Chart, it looked to be more of the same the following week. But they were out of the running last week, leaving Super Junior, Davichi, SeeYa, Ji Yeon and 2PM to fight it out, which the latter won. But the smiles returned on SHINee's faces and their noonas as they reclaimed their position at the top of the K-Chart on the 19th June episode of Music Bank. SHINee's 2nd K-Chart win in 3 weeks.

SHINee faced V.O.S and their seniors, Super Junior (not present tonight as they are performing at the Asia Pacific Super Model Competition) in the running for No.1 on the K-Chart this week and eventually came away the winner with a commanding total of 10,511 points. The SM boys have certainly rebounded strongly from their loss last week and they will be hoping for more of the same next week for their 3rd K-Chart win.

Look at Key jumping up and down when the winner was announced.

Juliette performance.

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