Saturday, July 18, 2009

4minute are SHINee’s Juliettes

4minute is just gathering more and more antis. After a short dance break with 2PM on last week's MBC Music Core, 4minute has moved on to SHINee for the ending of SHINee's "Juliette" performance. Before fans of both groups start jamming furiously on their keyboards, check out the performance from "Jailbait Generation" (except for SHINee's leader Onew, everyone in each group was born in the 90s).

Hey, other than their outfits' blinding explosions of color, it's not all that bad! I'm not exactly sure who decided to put that ghastly shirt on Taemin, though. Still, SHINee was smiling, 4minute was smiling, and Onew/Jiyoon looked especially cute (not even Jiyoon's sunglasses could hide her bright expression). Just like last week's 2:04PM collaboration, the actual amount of time both groups appeared on stage was pretty short. The managers probably realized that unless you're as popular as WonderBang, long collaboration performances only means more antis.

In other 4minute news, they also performed "Hot Issue" on this week's Music Core.

In other SHINee news, July 18th is maknae Taemin's 16th birthday in America, and 17th birthday in Korea! 생일축하합니다!

That means it's just two more years until this becomes legal.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A SHINee Photo Flood

Apparently the shiny July sun engenders a bunch of SHINee photos, as two recent photoshoots have accompanied the release of SHINee's first photobook. Chilling with horsies, trees, and barns, the boys look like they've escaped from the 1860s in this rather artsy series of pictures.

Kudos to various SHINee World members for the scans, to two soompi members whose names begin with L for the uploads, and to michelleq for the tip

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SHINee Does Vogue Girl

SHINee’s photos for the upcoming issue of Vogue Girl for August were just revealed to get us excited again.

Not again, you might ask. But the Vogue Girl photos are the total opposite of their Numero Korea pictures, so enjoy.

SHINee exposes more of their feminine side for Vogue Girl, and I’m putting that politely. Seriously though, these dudes need to get laid, and quick. I think I’ve expressed this before, but I feel bad because they could be getting so much play from the ladies.

However it seems that SM Entertainment, like what most music companies do with their artists, has suppressed SHINee’s natural desires to the point that the members have resorted to getting their “skinship fix” with each other.

I think it would be a good idea for the ladies that are hardcore fans of SHINee to start a “Free SHINee” campaign and/or petition. The time is now ladies before SM Entertainment turns SHINee into a group of fairies. Don’t believe me? I have one word for you that will put into perspective SM’s proven ability to destroy the heterosexual male’s preference of the female gender: HEECHUL.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Numero Korea Photoshoot

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SHINee's Nomine of Best New Singers

Korean group So Nyeo Shi Dae has been selected by foreigers as the best female singers on Arirang TV ‘Showbiz Extra’. And the survey was done on over 3000 viewers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and America etc in over 60 countries.

And Super Junior is chosen as #1 for best male singers.

The results of the survey

Female singers

1. So Nyeo Shi Dae (29.65%)
2. BoA (29.25%)

Males singers

1. Super Junior (41.9%)
2. Dong Bang Shin Ki (33.6%)

New singers

1. SHINee (57%)
2. 2PM(19.7%)
3. FT Island (15.6%)

Best newcomer actor

1. Kim Bum
2. Lee Min Ho (36.03%)

Best actor

1. Lee JunKi (37.74%)
2. Rain (28.95%)
3. Gong Yoo(11.81%)

Best actress

1. Song Hye Gyo (49.52%)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

[Fan Photo] Key Juliette Rehearsal at KBS Music Bank 090710

[VIDEO] Onew-Minho @ Gag Show {ENG-SUB}

credit : youtube/cchungalung

[Video] SHINee Juliette at Inkigayo 120709

Shinee’s Onew is a coward and Taemin is in danger of being raped?

In a recent interview, a very interesting question was posed. Is Shinee's Onew a coward? The question was mostly based on the KBS light stand incident, in which Onew fainted when the fixture suddenly fell off the wall. Well, Onew's answer is simply... no. Just no, and a smart looking man wearing glasses even confirmed Onew's answer.

Perhaps what's even more interesting is that a second smart looking man commented on Taemin's feminine features. Taemin is apparently prettier than a girl, and to prove it they showed pedestrians a picture of Taemin dressed as a girl along with 5 other girls, and asked the passerby which one is the prettiest. A man unfortunately picked Taemin as the prettiest without knowing he just picked a guy.

What we've learned from this interview is that Onew is not a coward, and that Taemin is in danger of being raped by noonas AND hyungs. I guess being beautiful isn't always easy.