Saturday, June 6, 2009

SHINee on MBC Music Core

SHINee performed "Juliette" with some rather unique outfits for MBC Music Core's rather unique stage

Unlike yesterday's Music Bank performance, in which the group had hand mics, SHINee wore headsets so fans could finally see the song's choreography in all it's glory, volleyball-bumping included. Music Core does not have a winner, so the Suju-SHINee SM-Family friendly rivalry will have to wait until Inkigayo, where YG Entertainment's 2NE1 will join the fray. Jonghyun is probably happy that Music Core has no winner, because if SHINee had won again, he might have ruined his tear ducts permanently by sobbing as he did for yesterday's win:

i know you wrote the lyrics for "Juliette" and that the victory represents a big step in your own music career, but there are some limits to public emotion Jonghyun! I wonder what would happen if SHINee ever won MKMF Artist of the Year. Would Jonghyun's head just explode? In other notes from the stage, Key thankfully redyed his hair from that haystack-blond he sported at Music bank, so noonas can once again make him the key to their chastity belts. Maknae Taemin is also looking way more mature than when he first debuted a year ago, and is starting to stir even more pedo thoughts from his noona fans with sequences of this ilk:

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SHINee - romeo