Thursday, June 18, 2009

Save energy save earth part 2

Having already contributed their own take on the "Energy Song", SHINee unveiled a cute little MV on SBS Inkigayo for the generic version of the theme for the "Save Energy, Save Earth" campaign.

The filming for the MV took place soon after Onew's accident, explaining his absence from the adorableness. Luckily, maknae Taemin made up for Onew's absence in spades, being impossibly cute in his policing of his hyungs' wasteful activities with Misty-from-Pokemon-esque bonks to the head. I tried throwing a soda can to the ground in an attempt to attract Taemin, but he didn't come. Damn false advertising.

The MV also features Minho's S-line

and Jonghyun being about as manly as you can get:

The teenage quintet also performed their single "Juliette" on SBS Inkigayo, in outfits that were shockingly normal. Normal for K-Pop, anyway.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Key

Who doesn't love looking at baby pictures of our favorite idols? Here are pictures of Key from SHINee when he was just a tiny little baby! He actually looks exactly the same, but with a little more fat all around, but that just makes him that much cuter. What a cutie! Just replace the hair, and you have a miniature, chubby, more adorable version of today's already cute Key (it's still difficult for me to call this 17 year old "hot").

Just replace the hair!

I guess his cuteness just keeps growing as he gets older!

new PHOTOS~~~!!!!

If you were lovers with a SHINee member…

you just might be the luckiest yet the most hated girl… or boy in the world.

5 member idol group, SHINee were on KBS CoolFM ‘Maybee’s Volume Up’ Radio where they honestly spoke out their opinions when asked questions of different scenarios of ‘If you had a girlfriend…?’

First off, DJ Maybee questioned leader Onew, “When your girlfriend is upset, how would you cheer her up?” He answered saying “I will play/sing her a song and make her feel better.” Aw, how sweet. I wish my ex-boyfriends did that for me. And Onew even sang “Tears are Dropping” by K.Will on the radio.

Next up, Jonghyun was asked, “How do you feel about girlfriends older than you?” Then my lovely Jonghyun answered, “I don’t’ think age should be a variable in love” and even added, “Same zodiac signs are okay, too.” *Jaw drops* Jonghyun, did ‘Nuna Is So Pretty’ get to your head or something? You would go out with someone 12 years older than you? Well, what about someone three years younger than you *wink*? With his answer, the nuna staff members at the radio station went all giddy.

Now Key was asked, “What would you do if your girlfriend came out to meet you and dressed in an outfit a fashion terrorist would wear?” And to the question, Key answered, “I’ll go shopping with her and buy everything for her.” Hm, don’t spoil your girlfriend Key; she’s probably already spoiled at the fact she’s going out with an idol.

Then hottie Minho gave off a manly aura with his answer to the question, “What would you do if your found out your girlfriend and friend were contacting each other?” Minho answered, “I’ll tell her to stop because she has me.”

Then youngest Taemin was questioned, “What would you do if your parents were against your girlfriend?” Well, Taemin is the baby so he replied; “I would persuade them by acting cute and nagging.”

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